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Oil sludge Pyrolysis Plant

1. Input material: Oil sludge 
2. Output products: Fuel oil, sludge, flammable gas.
3. Capacity/batch: 3tons-25Tons.
4. Land request: 300-400 square meters.
5. Certification: CE, ISO, SGS, BV.
6. Material of reactor:Q345R/Q245R/15CrMo steel 
7. Cooling system:Integrated condensing system.
8. EU emission standard:100% non-pollution waste oil sludge recycling.
Product Introduction
There are huge quantity oil shale in China,how to deal the oil sludge from dropping and leaking is the terrible task.
Based on the domestic project succeful running,now Huayin Company have handled the technology of pyrolysis oil sludge.
Huayin company has invested the professional pyrolysis technology especially for the oil sludge solution.


Technical Data

  All kinds of oil sludge:

  Solids separated from oil-based drilling muds

  Solids separated from tank-bottom sludge 

  Solids separated from basin-bottom sludge

  Various solids separated from oily petroleum emulsions



Our Machine

Model: 2800*6600  10T/Day              2800*7000 15T/Day          2800*8500  25 T/Day

Case: 10Tons oil sludge with the density is 1.6-2.0.

Feeding tims: 30Minutes 

Working time:16-18 hours


Special and unique design for feeding door

continous feeding without leakage,no pollution.



Government require that oil in the ash after the pyrolysis processing can not be higher than 3‰ meanwhile we can reach to 1 ‰。

For the fuel oil it can be used as the fuel material to serve all kinds of industrial heating and the ash or sludge from the raw material can be made into the bricks for the building fields.

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