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Welcome the Albania clients visited Huayin Factory

April , 01 , 2019

At the end of September, Albania clients visited Huayin factory for oil sludge pyrolysis plant audit. This is the second time that clients visited our factory. The first time they placed an order and this time they came for production schedules and goods checking. This client process quantities of oil sludge, he chooses two sets of 2800*9000 pyrolysis reactor and our latest desulfurization and denitration technology.

huayin oil sludge pyrolysis01

This oil sludge pyrolysis machine is a new challenge for us, it is nine meters long so it has higher requirements for producing. This time we used hydraulic feeder door, it can save the labor cost. Because it took less time to open and close the door, it will be more easier and more efficient. Desulfurization and denitration tower is a big breakthrough. Our client was very satisfied with this technology. The glass fiber reinforced plastics used in our plant is 10mm, and the ordinary one is only 3-4mm. It is light and corrosion proof and the dust removal result will be better.

huayin oil sludge pyrolysis 02

Huayin drawing designer showed the manufacturing process to our client, let him learn well about the flow of each step. Without going into the factory himself, he could understand the operation process of Huayin oil sludge pyrolysis plant like cooling system, dust removal process etc.

huayin oil sludge pyrolysis03

After visiting our the factory, the client was speaking highly of our manufacturing technology, he was pleased to cooperate with us. This time he also brings his seal to sign the contract and took photos with our president Mr. Guo.

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