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Welcome the Client from Canada.

April , 01 , 2019

On January 15th, 2019, the customer from Canada visited HUAYIN pyrolysis demo factory.

This customer who was recommended by his friend came to our factory for the first time . He showed great interest in the pyrolysis machine. And after the good communication with HUAYIN sales manager, he was not only satisfied with our professional technical equipment but also very satisfied with our small details. We were very happy we have done a great job.

The client has been doing marketing research for more than two years. He has been to America, India, Japan, and Germany for pyrolysis machine research.

Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

After visiting our factory, the Canada client said to his friend that HUAYIN GROUP are very professional and have a big difference with other suppliers . He was very satisfied with our organized arrangement and our pyrolysis equipment. He said Canada government is very strict with the environmental protection standard. We recommend the Europe Standard dedusting system. 


 If you are also interested in Huayin Group waste pyrolysis project, feel free to contact us!




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