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What are Risk Prevention Measures of Pyrolysis Plant?

August , 25 , 2023

What are the risk prevention measures for pyrolysis plant production?

1: During the production process, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of all production and combustion devices and strengthen monitoring and management work. It is strictly prohibited to discharge pyrolysis gas into the environment.

2: Set up safety warning signs for equipment and work areas that may leak pyrolysis gas during production, formulate strict and standardized equipment maintenance systems, improve the sealing performance of equipment, various pumps, fans, valves, flanges, etc., reduce the risk of pipeline leakage, and promptly repair any leakage without delay.

3: During the shutdown and maintenance of the pyrolysis plant, the source of pyrolysis gas must be cut off and the internal pyrolysis gas must be blown clean. Access is allowed only with the permission of the security manager.

4: Explosion-proof plates or valves should be installed on the pyrolysis gas main pipe.

5: Install measuring instruments for the pyrolysis gas pressure, flow rate, and temperature on the pyrolysis gas pipeline.


6: Except as necessary for production, bringing matches, lighters, cigarettes, and other kindling materials into the production workshop is strictly prohibited.

7: Before starting the production device, it is necessary to use an explosion detector to measure and confirm safety before starting the fire;

8: Install combustible gas alarm devices and toxic gas(H2S)alarm devices in the pyrolysis workshop.