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The 8th Birthday of Huayin Foreign Trade Office

November , 11 , 2019

The 8th anniversary of Huayin's Foreign Trade Office was celebrated on November 8th, 2019.

All people were very excited  and happy.

Recalling how Huayin was started from scratch, our boss, Mr. Guo, and our CEO, Samuel Guo were also very moved. They are very proud of all members in this foreign sales team, the achievements they've made for the company as well as their personal growth all these years.

During the party, Mr. Guo shared Huayin's next plan: Building factories in other countries along the Belt&Road (besides the current factory in  South Africa).


All the six managers have been here for eight years. And some technical engineers have been here for over 12 years. When talking about their past days and improvements in Huayin, they shared why they have stayed for so long: because of the working environment, the love, kindness, patience, integrity and honesty in Huayin.

All colleagues feel the same way. We don't just treat colleagues as working mates. We're not only working mates, but also family members. We communicate about work, about life, about family, about everything. And we would continue growing together in Huayin and with Huayin.


Moreover, we don't just treat clients as customers. We treat you as friends, as "sons of God" and as brothers and sisters. We'd like to see you succeed with our plants, our experience. We also would like you to enjoy long-term success with our continuous technical update.

Huayin plants have already been installed to 74 countries. If you're also interested in used tire/plastic/oil sludge to oil recycling project, please feel free to contact us anytime for more information!