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Welcome Nigeria Clients Visit Huayin Factory

November , 20 , 2019

On 22nd Oct, 2019 Nigeria clients come to Huayin to visit our workshop and demonstration plant. This is the first time they start to know this technology, Huayin sales manager shows them factory around.

They are surprised by this technology, the principle that waste tires and plastic could be converted to fuel oil. 


Mr.Wan explained to them all parts of pyrolysis plant and oil distillation plant, safety devices. Huayin provides you an eco-friendly solution of wastes without waste water and gas emission. Then they are brought to our manufacturing workshop to see how this pyrolysis and distillation plant are made. From automatic feeder, reactor, de-dust device, cooling device, quality control and test, even a small piece of workpiece needs to meet the requirement.

When clients visit all departments of workshop, they know this plant are actually a comprehensive plant, since steel board cutting, welding until all parts come to assembly together, after test and marked with name card, this part finally finish manufacturing works.


When clients leave factory, they are happy and get to know what other items need to prepare, they said they will keep close touch to Huayin, they believe Huayin will help them to do this business. And they believe Huayin has rich experiences over these 26 years and will have a promising future together with clients.