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Pyrolysis Machine was Delivered to Chile

July , 14 , 2021

  On 13 July, 2021 Huayin delivered the reactor and foundation of pyrolysis plant to Chile.

Huayin waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant

  The company placed this order is a consulting company that helps customers do projects. The raw material that this client wants to process are not the ordinary waste materials like waste tyres or plastics. It is a kind of scrap liner used in mines. The propose of the customer is to get the iron on the liner and remove the rubber in it. The rubber content is also very small. This client uses pyrolysis technology to remove the rubber. Each piece of used liner is 500kg, and the client requires automatically feeding and discharging. We adopt the working principle of the animal incinerator to realize automatic feeding and slag discharging. At the same time, the furnace does not rotate. In order to extend the service life of pyrolysis machine, we also used hot air heating system. As the required fully automatic control of the client, this plant was equipped with PLC system. Customers could control the whole process automatically.

Huayin waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant

  Huayin will give you the suitable suctions to to help you solve problems,and also customized the unique technical solutions for you.

  Because of the pandemic, customers have no way to inspect the factory but with the the professionalism of Huayin and the feedbacks from other customers, we got trust of this customer. The machine was shipped today. From designing, quotation to production, after-sales and sea transportation plan, Huayin will help you to make the right choices.