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Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Technology

November , 30 , 2021

  Xinxiang Huayin adopts pyrolysis technology to process the oil sludge/oil drilling mud. The oil sludge is cracked at a high temperature in the pyrolysis reactor, and the oil gas will producing through heating. Then oil gas will be condensed and stored in the oil tank. So that the liquid oil could be separated from the solid material, which can reach the standard of harmless sludge treatment.

Huayin waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant


  Thermal pyrolysis technology can greatly reduce the oil content in the solid, and can meet the standard of discharging with strong processing capacity and high economic benefits. It has the advantages like high calorific value, recyclability and can achieve agricultural soil indicators with an oil content of ≤0.3%, meet farmland soil discharge standards, and achieve most of the oil recover goals.

  Our batch type pyrolysis machine could process oil sludge from ten ton to dozens of tons one day, it could be customized according to your requirements.