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What is the Oil Yield of Pyrolysis Used Tires?

July , 28 , 2023

  The oil yield from the pyrolysis of used tires can vary depending on several factors, such as the tire composition, pyrolysis process conditions, and the efficiency of the pyrolysis equipment.

  The pyrolysis process is the main procedure for recycling tires and obtaining oil. It is a thermal decomposition process that involves heating the tires without oxygen. The process breaks down the rubber materials into pyrolysis oil (also known as tire-derived fuel or TDF), carbon black, steel wire and flammable gas.

  Generally, the oil yield from pyrolysis of used tires ranges from 30% to 75% of the total tire weight.

  • Big tires:35%-45%
  • Small tires/Bicycle tires:45%-50%
  • Submarine cable:75%
  • Rubber cable:35%
  • Sole:30%