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RDF Pyrolysis Project in Thailand

August , 04 , 2023

     RDF stands for Refuse-Derived Fuel. It is a type of fuel produced from municipal solid waste (MSW) through a mechanical or biological treatment process. RDF production process typically involves several steps: segregation, biological treatment, mechanical treatment, drying, and compaction. The benefits of using RDF include reducing landfill waste, recovering energy from waste, and conserving natural resources. RDF can be used as an alternative fuel in various applications.

Huayin waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant

    This is Huayin customer’s site of RDF pyrolysis in Thailand. Using RDF as the raw material of pyrolysis, get fuel oil from waste plastic. Through pyrolysis technology to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to sustainable development. Thailand was making efforts to promote the use of RDF as a sustainable waste management solution and a source of renewable energy. The country has been facing challenges related to waste management, with increasing amounts of municipal solid waste generated due to population growth and urbanization.

    Huayin has been in the pyrolysis industry for thirty years and has not stopped researching and upgrading, the pyrolysis plants now are more environmentally friendly and efficient compared to old ones. Huayin pyrolysis plant processes used tires, plastic waste, oil sludge etc. It can be customized from 10kg to 50ton capacity, feel free to contact us if you need a green solution for waste!