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What is the Daily Processing Capacity of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant?

November , 24 , 2023

  The processing capacity of waste tire pyrolysis plants is estimated based on the feed volume of waste tires, and the best-selling equipment processing capacity ranges from 10 to 50 tons depending on the type and specifications. Huayin also provides the small capacity of 10kg, 750kg, and 1 ton used for testing.

batch pyrolysis plant

  The waste tire pyrolysis plant on the market can be divided into three types based on different working methods: batch, semi-continuous, and continuous. Among them, the daily processing capacity of batch pyrolysis plants is between 1-15 tons, and customers mainly choose 10 tons. Waste tires with a diameter of less than 1.4 meters can be put into the reactor directly without crushing.

semi-contonuous pyrolysis plant

  The semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant processes rubber powder and rubber blocks, with the advantage of more loading and larger processing capacity. Without opening the furnace door to discharge the steel wire, this model will be more environmentally friendly. The semi-continuous processing capacity ranges from 15 to 20 tons. Semi-continuous equipment can improve production efficiency. 

continuous pyrolysis plant

  The continuous waste tire refining equipment has a daily processing capacity of 30 tons and 50 tons, making the equipment more automatic, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Many microcomputer control modules have been added, which can automatically adjust the feeding and discharging time, heating time, heating rate, and control amount, thus achieving continuous feeding, continuous slag discharge, and 24-hour continuous operation.

  Huayin supports customization of processing capacity and materials. Our engineers will design appropriate pyrolysis plant and processing plans based on your raw material characteristics, processing capacity, and other needs. Since our establishment in 1993, Huayin has remained dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced renewable energy equipment. Please contact us for further information if you're interested!