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What is the Calorific Value of Pyrolysis Oil?

November , 30 , 2023
  The tire oil extracted from the pyrolysis of tires is high calorific value fuel oil. The calorific value of tire oil is 10500 kcal, with a density of 0.89g/cm3, and there is no water or mechanical impurities. Due to its high combustion heat value, tire oil is a good industrial heating fuel and is often used for heating in boiler plants, cement plants, glass plants, ceramic plants, and steelmaking plants; It can also used for generating electricity by heavy oil generators; and also be further processed into diesel through distillation process, then can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, such as cruise ships, tractors, etc. In addition to tire oil, the carbon black extracted from waste tire pyrolysis also has a high combustion calorific value, which is similar to the combustion value of coal. Therefore, after making carbon black into balls or briquettes, it can replace coal for industrial heating and has a high industrial utilization value.
Huayin waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant

  The calorific value of plastic oil is around 9700-10000 kcal. Due to the complexity of plastic categories, the calorific value fluctuates greatly. However, both tire oil and plastic oil are excellent industrial fuel oils and are easily available. Due to the control of the coal industry and the high cost of electric heating, more and more companies that require industrial fuel heating are relying on fuel oils such as tire oil and plastic oil to reduce their energy costs and improve their economic benefits. Therefore, the fuel oil market and price of pyrolysis oil are very good.

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