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Plastic to Diesel Oil Plant in Finland

January , 17 , 2018

In July, 2016, Huayin plastic solid wastes to diesel oil plant under installtion in Finland. 

This customer collects plastic solid wastes and process 10ton plastics per day, the final products will be diesel oil.

Below are the detailed information:

Install Time Equipment  End Product
July, 2016

Waste plastic to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

Oil Distillation Plant

Color and Smell Removal System

Plastic Diesel


Plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastic pyrolysis plant under installation in Finland

pyrolysis reactor

Reactor to load materials into reactor automatically

Horizontial cooling system

Horizontial cooling system

He sell the oil to factories for industrial heating, also, he will use the 

diesel oil for power generating. 

This time, we have a big breakthrough, that is not only our engineer, 

but also our sales people went to the customers' factory to help plant installation 

for better service.

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