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Scrap Plastic to Diesel Oil Plant in Thailand

December , 18 , 2017

In May, 2014, we finished the installation of pyrolysis plant, distillation plant and 

decoloring device in Thailand, which got good feedback. Let's see the details:

Install Time Equipment End Product
May, 2014

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Oil distillation machine

Color and smell removal system

Plastic diesel

plastic to fuel in Thailand.jpg

Waste plastic material in Thailand

pyrolysis plant in Thailand.jpg

The client with Huayin general manager Mr.Guo

Thailand plastic to oil machine.jpg


Thailand pyrolysis oil purify system.jpg

 Color and smell removal system

waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Thailand.jpg

 Plastic in pieces can be feed into the reactor by auto-feeder

Thailand waste plastic to diesel oil project.jpg

Final plastic diesel oil products



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